Agustín Varela

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Agile and AI Consultant, focused on digital transformation and organizational change through enterprise agility and artificial intelligence. Transforming organizations and forming high-performance teams around the world for 15 years.
As a consultant I have contributed to the agile and digital transformation of the following top US companies: PwC, Proassurance, Fyffes and Inovalon.

In Latinamerica I have consulted with: Pactia (Colombia), BPS (Uruguay), Terbol (Bolivia), Banco Central, BCP, Scotiabank, Caja Arequipa, Ransa, Entel, Telefónica, Claro and PRIMA AFP (Perú). 
As a coach I have trained agile teams from the following organizations: Proassurance (US), Devops (Argentina), Banco Itaú (Colombia), UTEC (Uruguay), Mibanco, Izipay, SUNARP, SERVIR, PCM, AC Lindley, El Comercio, Enel , Indra, Ransa, Banco Falabella, UCAL, RPP, Vector, Banco Santander, Claro and PRIMAX (Perú).
I’m also passionate about teaching (currently teaching the Product Owner course at the Catholic University of Peru).
I am certified in Artificial Intelligence, Python, Product Desing, Team Leadership, Executive Coaching, Enterprise Agility, Management 3.0, SAFe, Scrum, Agile and Project Management. Graduated from ORT University (Uruguay) as a Software Developer and Marketing Analyst.
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Certified Scrum Master

Management 3.0 Trainer

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